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Flip – a stylus with a nostalgic feel


We grew up using pencils and pens, so when we started using a stylus on our tablets, the feeling wasn’t completely foreign. However, when we could start doodling or doing full-scale artistic pieces on our tablets, we started to care more about the type of stylus we were using. Different responses to pressure, different types of strokes and more all came into play as more options came onto the market.

 While most of the really awesome versions needed charging or Bluetooth connection, the Flip is hoping to challenge the way things are done. This is a stylus that doesn’t use batteries or Bluetooth, using magnets to know whether you’re using the drawing or erasing side of the stylus (because it has both). Thanks to the magnetic aspect, changing out different drawing tips is a breeze.

There is a mesh tip that will let you take notes, draw, or sketch with ease, an artist brush tip for a natural feeling of painting on a digital plane, and a precision cross tip for detailed drawing and sketching. Another bonus with the magnets is that it can tell exactly where the pen tip is, making sure that your palm touching the screen won’t make any unwanted marks. There’s also a nifty hover and zoom option for getting in those teeny, tiny details. On top of all that, you’ll also get an auto dimming function on your tablet so you don’t suck up unwanted battery when you’re taking notes in class, making this $40 purchase seem pretty worthwhile.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter