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The F’lint is a travel-size lint roller that will save you from pet hair


If you travel a lot and are under pressure to appear as if you just stepped out of a shoot for a magazine, then you need every aspect of your daily look to be perfect. The clothes have to match and be clean, your face has to have some obvious hygienic attention, hair styled, hands unsullied, and the hardest of all to maintain, no lint. It’s definitely more difficult if you have pets, but dust, dandruff and more are always going to try and make their presence known on your clothes.

If you want to take a lint roller with you wherever you go, but hate most travel versions and don’t want to bring a full-sized one along, why not try out the F’lint? This is a retractable lint roller that is colorful, compact, and easy to refill. It’s small enough that it can go in your day bag, and there’s no chance of it drying out or escaping its case and sticking to everything it comes in contact with.

This is made entirely of plastic, and each roll has 30 tear-off adhesive sheets. There are color options of pink with a green cap, light blue and a navy cap, green with yellow, yellow with pink, black with white, and navy with a light blue cap. One F’lint roller will cost you $6.95, and refills cost $4.95 apiece. Whether you’re traveling or not, this could prove to be useful in helping you look your best.

Available for purchase on thegrommet