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The Flight 4-In-1 Adapter has you covered across the globe

Flight 4-in-1 adapter

If you watch any movies that came out before mobile phones were in everyone’s hands, you might see someone getting pushed into a pool. At the time those movies came out, it was a laughable offense as the freshly soaked person would have to get a new set of clothes and shower to rectify the situation. Anymore, that would be a death sentence as we carry our smartphones (our entire lives) in our pockets. Not having access to your phone is like not being able to breathe, which is why traveling can always put you on edge.

Traveling all over the world is a wonderful experience, but making sure you can charge your tech gear to stay connected to friends, family, work, and GPS makes it a bit tense. This is especially the case when there are so many different plug types to worry about. The Flight 4-In-1 Adapter is a little block of plugs that will make sure that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to plug in and power up.

This uses 4 plugs, has one adapter, and will have you covered in 150 out of the 196 countries in the world. The plugs are color-coded as red, green, yellow and blue, but keep in mind that these do not convert power. You’ll want to make sure that your gear is 100-125 or 220-250 volts. This is a $25 purchase that will be easy to find in your bag after a long day of travel and will have you covered no matter where in the world you are.

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