Flexicord bends for efficient cable management

We all have our own ways of dealing with cable management and some are more thorough than others.  I haven’t always bothered with organizing my cables neatly, that is until I got a puppy.  Now all of my cables are tucked as far out of his reach as I can manage.  Well for those of you that prefer your cables nice and neat, there is Flexicord.  It gives a new take as to how you can keep all those cables from turning into a tangled mess beneath your desk.

Flexicord has a thick pipe cleaner that sits alongside the cable, which makes it possible to bend the cord.  That will give you a better way to tuck those cables into the shape you need.  If you wanted to, you could even wrap this around a couple of other cables to help out the ones that do not have the pipe cleaner inside.  Flexicord comes in several different types, to name a few, they offer USB, S-video, networking cables and HDMI.  Of course, since these are special cords, they’ll cost a bit more than a normal cord would.  Which brings up the debate, as to whether to pay the extra, or just keep utilizing twist ties and whatever else you can manage to find.  These will cost you about $25 for most of the cords, but the longer 10-foot cables will range at about $34.  There isn’t a ton of purchase info on their site just yet, but you can check it out and keep an eye on it if you’re really interested.

Source: Uberreview