Flexible USB Fan

Flexible USB Fan
These days practically anything can be done with a USB port. There’s now no reason to get overheated at your desk with the Flexible USB Fan.

The fan is on a flexible cord which is plugged into the USB port. It is stiff enough to stand on its own so you can point it where you want. The blades are designed to be strong enough to give you a good, steady stream of cool air, however they are soft enough that even a child could grab them without getting hurt.

It’s totally USB powered so you don’t need any batteries and it can also be easily brought with you as it is very small. It’s ideal for laptops because of its portability.

It also has a quiet motor so it won’t disturb you or force you to jack up the volume if you’re listening to music. This is one thing I find annoying about the fan I have is that it is very loud and makes it annoying to have on while I have music going as well.

If you want to start staying cool while at your computer you can pick up a Flexible USB Fan for just £7.99 from Crazy About Gadgets.