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This Flexible Screwdriver Extender makes challenging crevices easy to work with


When you’re doing any sort of home improvement, you begin to realize why there are so many tools and accessories for these projects. Not everything is flat-surface-to-flat surface with perfect measurements in well-lit areas that are easy to access. This is why there are drills with lights, tools that vary in size from tiny to industrial, and all sorts of attachments to make your life easier.

While you can usually muscle through some situations, it’s usually better to have the proper tools at hand. It’s the only way to make sure you don’t have to deal with fixing one aspect and scuffing, breaking, or damaging another. This Flexible Screwdriver Extender will make sure that no job is too tight or awkward to reach. This has a 11.5” shaft that is flexible, and will work with any quarter inch hex shank drill bits, connecting to your drill or screwdriver through a 1/4” hex shank.

This comes with 10 bits, and is only going to cost you $14.99, which is a paltry sum compared to how much time you’d spend without being able to snake your way to hard-to-reach spots. Time is money, as we all know. To make this a sweeter deal, they included a screwdriver with a ratcheting handle. While it may not be an amazing tool every moment you use it, when you find that sweet spot, it’s far easier on your body than having to constantly overturn your wrist.

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