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Flexible Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard


Gadget mavens Brando are at it again, and this time with the Flexible Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard.

Flexible Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard is strong, silent and indestructible. It is made of a high quality silicone material. Flexible keyboard is storable and portable so that users can bring it everywhere. The illuminated design makes it more cyber and useful, you can use it in a low-light environment. Its ultra-slim and lightweight design can be used for travel, school, or any other working environment. And, it is water resistant and dustproof that users can clean it easily. Its flat design also offers an easy typing that prevent your wrists getting stress.

Would you be willing to part with $27 for this piece of bendy keyboard that lights up?

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1 thought on “Flexible Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard”

  1. I love the keyboard, but does it keeep my long nails from slipping? I am looking for a keyboard that keeps my long nails from slippage. JL

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