FlexFix Integrated Bike Rack

FlexFix Integrated Bike RackRigging a bike rack to your car every time you want to take it somewhere gets tiresome if you actually go biking a lot. It won’t be much trouble anymore; of course, you’ll need to buy a new car if you want to get a FlexFix Integrated Bike Rack.

By looking at the car you wouldn’t be able to tell there’s a built in bike rack, but it’s definitely in there. Whenever you need the rack, pull it out, just like a drawer. All the mounting equipment is in there, and the rack can handle two bikes. As soon as your done, slide the rack back in. You even get a pop-up license plate so that it’s never obstructed when driving while hauling bikes.

Unfortunately this bike rack relies on a certain type of car, the Opel Corsa, which is available only in Europe. GM Europe plans to expand the availability of the FlexFix to other models, and hopefully it will end up in the US eventually, but no official word on that has been released.

There’s definitely a niche market of bike enthusiasts who would be willing to get a certain type of car if it means a built in bike rack. The amount of time you’d save when packing up for a trip would be worth it for many. Also, it be cool just to have a play with, even if you never used it.

[via OhGizmo!]