Flea Killing Pet Comb gets rid of them critters

flea-killing-pet-combWhen you happen to have a dog, it is imperative that one be a responsible pet owner and give that dog what it deserves – a number of square meals each day depending on its age, breed and activity level, daily walks and exercise, some play time, as well as the customary visit to the vet for all of its shots, not to mention getting a bath from time to time to make sure that it remains nice and clean. Ah yes, keeping it free from fleas and ticks, too, is something that some folks overlook. Combing your dog’s coat each day will not only ensure it does not end up in a tangled mess, especially for those long haired breeds, it also helps you bond with your pooch and weed out nasty ticks and fleas (with the right comb, of course). Why not go the extra mile and get the $39.95 Flea Killing Pet Comb instead?

This is a cordless device that will emit a low voltage whenever it is combed through a pet’s coat, helping kill fleas on contact. I do wonder whether we will hear those nasty zapping sounds whenever an electrified fly swatter is used to zap mosquitoes and the like, but chances are the voltage is too small to emit such a loud sound. The Flea Killing Pet Comb has been certified to be used safely on cats and dogs regardless of their age and size. I like the fact that this can zap fleas without having to rely on chemicals that could result in an allergic reaction. All fleas will be trapped on the comb for easy disposal afterwards when you clean it, and do keep a pair of AA batteries around handy as a backup.