Flavoured Water From the Tap


Getting your 8 daily glasses of water can be a bit of a chore (and is there anything more boring than water!) However, with this neat little device, you can add a little flavour to your “eau” (either strawberry, raspberry or peach).

The tap (faucet) contains a juice pouch and you just click the top of the tap to add your flavour. Brilliant idea to get the kids drinking their water allowance – particularly if they resist all attempts at getting them to drink anything other than fizzy pop!

The Pur Flavor Options Faucet from Pur Water, via Crib Candy, is priced at around $39.99 to $49.99 and it appears it fits to your current standard faucet without the need to get the tool box out (doesn’t however fit on pull out faucets).

I, of course, do take my daily 8 glasses – I just add a few freeze dried caffeine granules and milk to mine! Or in my frozen water allowance, a nip or two of Vodka goes down a treat!

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