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Flavor Enhancing Coffee Extractor gets the most out for every cuppa

flavor-enhancing-coffee-extractorSipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee is something that many of us look forward to, especially when we wait for the caffeine to kick in so that we are able to start the day with a spring in our steps. Of course, you would need to know how to brew coffee well in order to enjoy such an experience, but if you feel that you need some help from technology, fret not. The $299.95 Flavor Enhancing Coffee Extractor is here to save the day.

This happens to be a slow-drip coffee brewer which is capable of producing smooth, full-bodied coffee that has 65% less acidity. It will be different from other hot coffee brewers that release acid during brewing, resulting in bitter-tasting coffee, as this particular three-stage cold brewer makes use of ice water in order to extract a concentrated brew that maintains coffee’s natural flavor. Ice water that is in the hand blown 33-oz. top basin will drip into the middle cylinder that holds your preferred ground beans and via a permanent ceramic filter, finally collecting as a concentrated coffee extract in the bottom 32-oz. glass flask.

There will be a brass nozzle located at the top of the handmade rubber wood tower which will adjust the speed of the drip cycle from three to eight hours for different levels of customized flavor concentration. You can then refrigerate the coffee for up to two weeks, all the while maintaining its rich, bitter-free taste when heated in a microwave.