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Flavia Fusion

Flavia Fusion UnitThe Flavia Fusion is a pretty cool drink maker; you can get a very wide variety of drinks at the push of a button.

All you have to do is insert the “filterpack”, which are sealed, foil-fresh single serving packs of your favorite drinks. That means there’s no preparation, you don’t have to guess how much coffee to put in or water, you get the perfect serving every time.

Plus, there’s nothing to throw away, after your drink is made, just through the used filterpack away. Even when making more than one drink at a time, you don’t have to clean in between, just insert a new filterpack and you’re good to go.

With your purchase, you get the drink station, which measures 13” x 9” x 14”, a travel mug, and a selection of Flavia filterpacks, 34 in all. The selection includes mild, smooth, and bold coffees (decaf, too), green tea, hot chocolate, and syrups, creams, and sprinkles for your own custom drinks. When you runFlavia filterpack out of filterpacks, it’s easy to order more, just grab some from The My Flavia site has a wide variety of drinks for you to order, variety packages start at $30. You can also order just one drink, e.g. a 20 pack of the decaf coffee.

The Flavia Fusion offers no-mess and extremely simple drink making, and there good, too, I’ve actually used one of these before! It’s true, there’s no mess and it’s easy to use.