Flatbed Scanner disguised as book

Gadgets typically look like, well, gadgets.  They look shiny, new and a combination of plastic and metal.  Being someone that not only adores old looking technology (almost antique in appearance), but your older than average books as well, sometimes I get tired of the same old technology day in and day out.  Well apparently I’m not the only one, because one person decided that their scanner needed to blend in a little more properly within their home.  Now that they finished their mod, it just appears that they always have the same old book laying out on their desk.

If you are tired of the way your scanner looks, this is one way to solve the problem.  Datamancer took a flatbed scanner and put it in a book that they hollowed out.  Choosing the book you use could definitely change the look of the mod completely.  It’d also be one way to show off your personality and the types of things you love.  From the looks of things this isn’t just a book he found at your local Barnes and Nobles, but one he made himself.  You can see the various pictures of his progress on his website.

Source: SlipperyBrick