Flip Flask Sandals – Just don’t get Flip Floppin Drunk!


We went to a concert in the park, and although nothing says summer like some cool tunes in the outdoors, a small cocktail usually figures into the occasion somewhere.  But at this park, booze was simply not allowed. I looked at the mostly over 50 crowd, lounging on their towels and listening to Doo-Wop music and wondered what the heck? I strongly suspect the folks in front of us were passing a bottle of wine off as some grape juice, but why should I complain. Next week though, I’m bringing my own stash…
Check out Flip Flask Sandals, attractive summer footwear that hides a tempting secret, hidden in the bottom of each shoe is a 3 ounce flask. So although you may not be able to drink yourself into a drool-worthy stupor, you can certainly relax a little at your next sporting event, concert, or late night study session at the campus library.
I’ve never seen a product that seems to upset so many people. Since the beginning of time, folks have devised ways to sneak alcohol into almost every venue, it began with injected watermelons and spiked Jello and evolved into fake cameras, cell phones and boda bags that strap onto your body,  yet these tiny little flasks contained within the heel of a shoe that strike me as more of a novelty than anything else, are considered a huge problem. Entire web pages have been devoted to a competitors removal from store shelves, and they have struck fear into the hearts of educators and law enforcement officials alike. Interesting.
All that being said, if you’re still anxious to have a pair of Flip Flasks in your closet, they can still be found in a few places, one being at for about 30 bucks. These foot friendly flip flops come in unisex sizes and several different designs. Personally I find that they may be the most useful in order to smuggle my liquid make-up on my next international flight… Okay, I take that back.

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