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Flameless Grill Smoker makes your 4th of July cleaner

flameless-grill-smokerThe 4th of July is about to happen – don’t think that being close to a month away equals plenty of preparation time! Life does not work that way, and before you know it, that day has arrived, and you might not just have made the necessary preparations to enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. After all, isn’t grilling some sausages and burgers the American way to celebrate Independence Day? One might as well do it in style with the $49.95 Flameless Grill Smoker.

Touted to be “the only” Flameless Grill Smoker from Hammacher, this wood chip smoker box is capable of generating flavor-enhancing smoke without having to produce a single tongue of flame, resulting in more concentrated, robust flavor. There are eight s-shaped vents located on the lid of the oval cylindrical smoker that enables just enough oxygen to produce smoke, but it is not quite enough to generate flames, resulting in the wood chips smoldering slowly while allowing more smoke flavor to infuse with food. The smoker is made from durable 20-gauge 304 steel that allows placement atop hot coals or gas burners and it holds up to 8 oz. of wood chips, while accompanied by a removable 13″ handle which would enable cooks to place the smoker on the heat source or remove it from the grill to add additional wood chips.