Flags and Thanks

England Car FlagOur England flags give away proved to be very popular and we’ve been busy sending flags all over the world. I was expecting most comments to be from readers in England and was quite surprised when the majority of requests were from abroad. I ended up sending flags out to Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, USA, South Africa, France, India and Malaysia. Thanks again to The Gadget Store for providing the flags, though next time can you give me some cash as well to cover international postage costs :). So now come on England.

Last month I did a thank you post to the gadget sites that have linked to us recently, this seemed to go down well. I don’t know if it was coincidence or not but we did get a fair few more quotes and links afterwards. So here comes another round of thanks to some of the good guys in the blogosphere.

Apologies to anybody I missed. I will try to make this a regular thing (every month or so) as I think it’s much easier and more effective to say thanks to the good guys who give credit for stories than it is to moan about those who don’t. So cheers guys and gals.

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