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FitBit Flex helps you up your fitness ante

Keeping fit could prove to be quite a challenge these days, considering the amount of work and stress that we face at the office, where the demands on our time had never been greater. Hence, it is nice to know that some companies are doing their bit to help us maintain our fitness regime, and the £79.99 FitBit Flex is one of them, being a sleek, stylish and splash-proof wristband which will play nice not only with Android-powered handsets, but iPhones as well. The FitBit Flex can be said to be your electronic personal trainer, motivational guru and dietitian, all rolled into one.

Thanks to an integrated accelerometer, keeps track of your activity, and lets you log in food goals, calories burned and sheep counted (well, hours slept at least), all in one sleek, stylish, waterproof wristband. Making use of Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the Fitbit Flex works like a charm, as it automatically synchronizes with the iPhone or Android App so that you are able to monitor all the vital statistics, while providing advice and encouragement round the clock. Needless to say, you will need to produce the smartphone yourself to have it work with the FitBit Flex.