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The FitBark lets you know if your pooch is being a couch potato


Dogs are slobbery balls of energy that are in a constant state of motion when they’re not being adorable on the couch or patiently begging for food. Sometimes though, they start being cute on the couch more than they should and pack on weight. We’re all prone to weight gain, but when it comes to your dog, it’s your responsibility to do something about it so they don’t develop health issues. It’s the same as having a kid who always wants to eat Cheetos and play video games, and making sure they don’t do that.

While the biggest indicator for keeping tabs on your dog’s health is looking at their poop and the associated schedule around that, it would be nice if you had other means. The FitBark is an activity tracker just like your FitBit, it just goes on your dog. This will give you better insight into what their daily activity is like, so if there are any major changes you can factor that into the information you give to the vet if there are problems.

This little bone-shaped device was made to be worn by dogs, so it’s durable enough to withstand their adventures, as well as waterproof in case they are especially mischievous. You’ll get 24/7 activity tracking, and be able to set health goals based off of that information. It comes in baby pink, cool grey, emerald green, light blue, and true red, all costing around $70 a piece. Regardless of the size of your pup, this will be able to keep tabs on their daily romps.