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The Fit and Fresh Jaxx Fuel Packs make sure you portion everything

Jaxx Fuel Packs

When you’re trying to get into shape, the two biggest aspects are eating the right foods at specific amounts, and exercise. Once you get into a regular workout routine, the hard part is keeping yourself in check with what you eat. If you work in an office building where you don’t leave for 8 or more hours of the day, it’s tempting to order takeout and gorge.

If you want to portion everything you eat, and make sure that you can pack enough to prevent yourself from being hungry, then you’re going to want something like the Fit and Fresh Jaxx Fuel Packs. This has 4 two cup containers, 2 one cup containers, and a vitamin pocket pack that has 5 compartments for pills. There’s also a very slim ice pack that fits snugly in between all of the plastic containers. On the side is a space for the shaker cup that is perfect for anything from tea to protein shakes.

All of the food containers are made of a BPA-free plastic that is dishwasher and microwave safe, though you should keep the ice pack and agitator away from either. This is only going to cost you $39.65, and will definitely help you keep up with eating 5 meals a day, or making sure that you always have snacks at work. Having to wash everything might be a pain, but you could always buy multiple plastic containers and make your week’s worth of meals ahead of time.

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