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Fit your bicycle with a Biketones MP3 horn

biketonesDo you remember the feeling of enjoying your childhood while you were on a bicycle? The wind rustling through your hair, the birds chirping during those warm summer days. Ah, those were good times, and back then, there wasn’t too much traffic on the road, either. Making it a perfect setting for you to cycle around. The thing is, the older bicycles still came with a bell that you could ring just in case you needed to alert a pedestrian or two, or even a larger sized vehicle. Bicycle horns are not exactly a “thing”, but fast forward to today, and a bicycle horn might be deem to be an essential accessory on your two wheeler. How about upping the ante with the Biketones?

The Biketones will arrive in seven different colors. Not only that, it will also be able to sound 7 different fixed MP3 clips, now how about that compared to the boring old jingle that your grandad’s bicycle bell used to make? The Biketones’ horn audio will range from the familiar minions siren “Bee Doo, Bee Doo, Bee Doo” all the way to the Dixie horn.

Horntones CEO, Mike Kosco, shared, “Horntones released the FX-550, an MP3 car horn, back in 2007. My son was inspired by the car horn and wanted to have a custom horn made for his bicycle… In 2012, he was 9 years old. He came home from school one day and shared with me his “great idea”… an MP3 horn for a bicycle. Not only did he describe his idea verbally, he had drawn a fairly detailed schematic of his invention. After 4 years of searching out components, learning solid modeling and making several rounds of prototypes… we are happy to announce the release of Biketones, the world’s first and only MP3 horn for your bicycle!”

Those who are interested to maintain their safety while cycling around while keeping up to date with the latest developments can pick up the Biketones for $19.95 a pop.

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