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Fisher-Price gets into the Portable DVR act

I’m sure that we all associate Fisher-Price with hard plastic toys, but at CES, they have now shifted into a different market with their Kid-Tough Portable DVR. The Kid-Tough Portable DVR comes with a base unit that connects with the television, and serves as a charging cradle. It can then record your children’s favorite shows, provided you leave the television on that channel. Just to let you know, you can program it 24 hours before the broadcast. It can accommodate about 2 hours of content, with additional memory via micro SD card slot. It can accommodate about 4-6 hours worth of playing time. Unfortunately, you cannot watch a program saved on the SD card from any other device except the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Portable DVR (it’s a copyright issue). Don’t expect this to be a TiVo, as it is designed for children. As a parent of three, it is really designed to be a lifesaver for long trips, just to insure that a young child is not bored. As the name implies, it is quite tough. Kids will also love the 3.5 inch touch-screen interface. Expect to see Fisher-Price’s Kid-Tough Portable DVR this summer, in colors of pink or blue. I don’t have a price point as yet. ]]>