Fisher Price presents the Laugh & Learn Apptivity case

I know that my four-year-old son loves to play with our iPhone, but his slimy hands are not the ones I want holding an iDevice. Griffin made a product known as the Woogie that can protect the iPod/iPhone from baby damage, and now Fisher-Price has entered this niche market with the Laugh & Learn Apptivity case.
The case puts the phone in one of those baby toys that have the rings for decoration and play. There is a protector film that keeps the slime and drool out.
That is a lot like the Woogie, without the softness. What also makes it different from the Woogie is that that the home button is protected. This insures that the little tyke can’t access things on the iDevice that he or she is not supposed to.
Fisher-Price also has some apps to go along with this accessory. With the Laugh & Learn Apptivity and an app like Let’s Count Animals, the baby will be quite entertained and cannot get out of the app without the help of Mom and Dad. The iDevice is also locked in an cannot be taken off unless the baby has a key or a coin.
You should be able to get the Laugh and Learn Apptivity case in October for about $15. I suppose the ages are four and under for a device like this, but do iDevices have an age limit on them? Should they?