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Fish Guts Pencil Case is not a stinker

fish-guts-pencil-caseI know that going to school, college or even university is a whole lot more different today than it was compared to the previous generation. Back then, nobody brought a notebook (of the electronic kind) to those educational institutions simply because there was no such thing – it was all paper and pen all the way. However, students these days do things electronically, so having a notebook is par for the course if you would like to be effective in your work. A collection of pens and pencils? That’s just too archaic. However, here is the £6.99 Fish Guts Pencil Case that would certainly make things a whole lot more interesting, as you can see above by its design.

This Fish Guts Pencil Case can be said to be the best pencil case ever – although no one is going to stop you from using it to stash away your fair share of pens and other stationery in it. It features scales on the outside while having guts on the inside, and you can even use it to stash away your make up pens if you want to. Best of all is, there is no funny fishy smell whatsoever that emanates from it, so you can bring this with you just about anywhere. Whatever loose pencils you have left with no more space can go into this Digital Photo Frame Pencil Cup.