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Fish Catching RC Boat offers a novel method of capturing your camping dinner

fish-catching-rc-boatGoing for a fishing trip sure sounds like fun for some, while for others, they would pretty much prefer to remain grounded – literally speaking, and not want to go out into the open waters, even if it is the lake. After all, different strokes for different folks, am I correct? Well, I am quite sure that we are all familiar with the fishing rod method to wait for a bite, but here is something that is surely a whole lot different – so much so that it might help pique one’s interest in the realm of fishing. I am referring to the $69.95 Fish Catching RC Boat.

The Fish Catching RC Boat happens to be a remote controlled boat that measures 17.5” in length, and it has the ability to catch a fish of up to 2 pounds in weight, now how about that? I suppose this would mean you would have to do your homework beforehand to make sure that your fishing expeditions would end up as a huge success, rather than to have an overweight swimmer capsize the boat. Expect it to come with a pre-rigged tackle, including a hook, snap swivel, bobber, and 150′ of nylon 2-lb. test line, which will secure to the boat’s fake engine at the water line. The remote control allows you to move the boat forward, backward, left, and right, so that one can troll back and forth over a speculative patch of water or position it right smack behind obstacles that a conventional cast is unable to reach, so that your preferred bait can settle and tempt hungry fish.

It is powered by half a dozen AA batteries, so hopefully those batteries do have enough juice to last through your fishing expedition! After all, you would not want to have to make your way to it in a real boat just to “rescue” it, right?

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