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The FireSleeve is a lighter koozie that could help keep you alive

Exotac FireSleeve

If you’ve ever played a survival game, you know that it’s mandatory to have access to fire. Gather up the necessary pieces and boom, you have heat and light in-game in no time at all. In a real life situation, it’s not such an easy task. If most of us from this day and age were lost in the woods, we wouldn’t know what to do without a lighter.

If you do happen to carry a lighter on you, then you’ve likely come across some annoyances. Starting a fire by holding the lighter right by the kindling and burning your fingers because you have to hold the gas button down, not being able to use it if it’s wet, or dropping it in deeper water, not being able to find it again. The people at Exotac know of your struggles, and know that fire is mandatory for survival, and have made a koozie for your lighter called the FireSleeve.

This sleeve is waterproof when capped down to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes. It does float, and has a gas lock to hold down the button if you need it on for more than 5 seconds. The cap can be put on the bottom when it’s not in use, it will improve your grip on your lighter, and was made to be used and reused on the generic Bic lighters. There are also loops so you can attach this to your bag or belt loop with a clip, and it will only cost you $15.

Available for pre-order on exotac