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Fireplace HEPA Vacuum

Just in case you thought that Santa is nice enough to clean your chimney every year when he drops by to give your household presents, think again. The chimney and fireplace isn’t going to clean itself by magic, since you aren’t living in an enchanted castle. No sir, it takes backbreaking hard work to make sure all the dirt and soot are thoroughly cleaned after each use so that none of it will settle and soil the rest of your expensive furniture. That’s what a vacuum cleaner is for, and the Fireplace HEPA Vacuum works differently from other typical fireplace vacuums where it won’t recirculate microscopic ash particles into the air, thanks to its HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of all airborne particulates as small as 1/3000 of a millimeter. The HEPA filter is located within the intake side of the motor, hence preventing fine, abrasive ash particles from damaging the vacuum or being exhausted into the air you breathe. Powered by an 800-watt motor that quickly suctions ashes via a 5′ fire-retardant aluminum hose into a 5 1/4-gallon fire-resistant steel tank, the Fireplace HEPA Vacuum sports an integrated handle where the lid will unclasp in a jiffy to enable easy emptying of ash. At $149.95 a pop, this is certainly worth looking into, since you might be spending more time around the fireplace during winter than summer.