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The Firemizer optimizes your fire


When you rely on a wood burning stove, you don’t really want to keep chucking wood to the fire, but it’s necessary to stay warm. Not too many places have such methods of heating anymore, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. When you do have a limited amount of fuel, you want to use it wisely, because not having enough and having to go out into the cold for more is not going to do you any favors.

If you need a stove or want the fireplace in your home to stay hot for longer while using less wood, then the Firemizer is going to be a must-have. It’s a stainless steel mesh that goes under your wood, and when things start getting hot it will distribute the heat evenly. This is going to help your fire burn 33% longer than it would normally, and reduce all your fuel to a fine ash powder. All you need to do is cut the mat to fit your stove or fireplace, put wood on top, and start burning.

This can last for about 500 hours before you’ll need to change out the sheet. Another little added bonus is that it is supposed to reduce creosote (gross gunk) in your chimney by up to 57%. Only grown-ups with gloves should be touching this stuff, and you should obviously not try to pull this from under the wood during or just after there’s been a fire on top of it. This 14 x 20” sheet is going to cost you $29.95, which seems a bit high considering it would only last about 20 solid days if you had a fire going constantly.

Available for purchase on Amazon and thegrommet

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  1. A lot of people where I live in Colorado rely on wood-burning stoves for heat, as propane can get very expensive for heating. I’d probably have to replace this thing several times each winter (at least) based on 500 hours of usage.

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