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Firefly Serenity Flash Drive offers shiny portable storage

firefly-serenityI know that most of us have way too many USB flash drives, and for one simple reason – we have been “collecting” them all this while, from attending a conference here to a roadshow there, it all adds up after a while. So much so that it can be rather confusing as to which particular USB flash drive holds what content after you have formatted them for your personal use. Well, why not having a dedicated USB flash drive that you can recognize right from the get go, and use it only to store important information? This is where the $29.99 Firefly Serenity Flash Drive comes in handy, where it happens to be a die-cast metal replica of Serenity.

All that you need to do is to push the top button, and voila! Out pops an 8GB flash drive. Sure, 8GB is not much these days, especially when you have plenty of large video files to transfer from one device to another, making the Firefly Serenity Flash Drive more useful to carry details such as documents and perhaps several images which you need to print them out as photos. Literally and figuratively speaking, the Firefly Serenity Flash Drive is absolutely shiny. The engines themselves will also light up whenever it is plugged into a USB port for that added effect.