Firefly Landscape Laser Lights delivers a little bit of magic

firefly-lightsWhen it comes to beautifying your home, there are many different kinds of ways to do so. Some folks prefer to give the entire home a new coat of paint, while others with even greater levels of disposable income would prefer to perform a full scale renovation of the place – perhaps tearing down one part of the house in order to turn it into something which is a whole lot grander later on. How about taking the road less traveled this time around with the $199 Firefly Landscape Laser Lights?

Using the Firefly Landscape Laser Lights is a snap – all that you need to do is to stake and plug in, and you’re good to go, seeing your house get adorned by what looks like a thousand, randomly moving lights that could very well fool those with a less than satisfactory eyesight that your home has been magically invaded by a bunch of fireflies. This is one of the more spectacular outdoor holiday lighting effects, not to mention it being one of the easiest to boot since there is no reason for you to actually put on your winter clothes and climb a ladder to string all of these lights together. One light gets the whole job done, where this spotlight will project thousands of pinpoints of light on your home thanks to cutting-edge laser and holographic technology. It will be able to cover an area of 625 square feet, which is pretty decent by any means.