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The Firebuggz Fishing Pole will let you fish for S’mores

Firebuggz Fishing Pole

When you cast out a fishing line, you would imagine you’re going to have a wriggling aquatic creature on your hook when you pull it out. This beloved summer pastime isn’t for everyone, since not everyone is fond of sitting on a boat for hours, hoping to catch a single fish. If you’re aiming to turn that fish into dinner, then you’ve also got the fun of gutting and cleaning your catch afterward, which is not for the faint of heart.

 If you want a more bountiful catch without all the work, then you might like these Firebuggz Fire Fishing Poles. These are for toasting marshmallows, roasting hot dogs or cooking other meats and veggies. It consists of a maple wood handle and stainless steel frame to help you evenly cook your food without having to get too close. You only need to crank the handle and enjoy your haul.

This set comes with 2 fishing pole roasters, 2 Crank-Eez roasting tools, a fishing pole stand, and a bag to carry everything in. The poles measure 34.5” long, while the line is 21”, and when you flick your wrist, your food will flip back and forth, making sure your snacks get even heat. This is no cheap trinket at $99, and while it is likely built to last and would be fun to use, whittling a stick or getting a more traditional roasting stick would likely be cheaper.

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