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FireBoard digital thermometer needs a smartphone to work properly

frieboard-cloudMany of us would love to have something that we can relate to in a digital manner these days, as analog is more or less relegated to the “retro” department. Thermometers, too, tend to be of the digital variety when it comes to taking down the temperature. Cooks in the kitchen know just how important it is to get the right temperature when it comes to whipping up a steak dinner, which is why cooking thermometers have gotten smarter over the years .This time around, we have FireBoard Labs introduce their FireBoard cloud connected smart thermometer via a Kickstarter campaign.

The FireBoard comes across as a digital thermometer that has been specially designed to operate via a user’s smartphone or over the web. In other words, it is a whole lot easier and more convenient to track temperature remotely. This means it would make for a very decent kitchen thermometer, since you would do your very best to be there so that your food does not get burnt, or worse.

With the FireBoard, this solution delivers a 6 channel thermometer, including multiple alerts (via SMS and email), data logging capabilities and even Bluetooth connectivity that will help to augment the wireless connection. The FireBoard also relies on extremely accurate temperature probes that have been tested for hot and cold environments.

In fact, throughout the engineering and design phases of the FireBoard, the circuitry have been beefed up so that they can meet the demands of the commercial and professional environment. The FireBoard team are currently testing out their device in an extended field test in several Midwest restaurant locations and grocery stores.

The FireBoard will come with an early-backer price of $129, and delivery has been scheduled for the end of this year, perhaps in time for Christmas so that the Christmas roasts and turkeys would turn out perfect.

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