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Fire TV – Amazon’s New Set Top Box!


Check out the newest addition to the set top box movement, Fire TV. Although I’m fairly certain “set top box” is an antiquated term, since there’s precious little you can put on top of most TV’s these days. Then again, the “under the TV,  on the counter box” doesn’t work either. So we’ll just have to work with what we have.

 Fire TV is a tiny box that simply plugs into your existing HDTV and opens the door to a whole new world of entertainment options. If you have yet to enjoy the offerings of Netflix, Amazon Prime’s Instant Video, Hulu, and a host of other streaming and subscription services, you are way behind the times. There are folks that will tell you, these boxes are likely to become the future of TV.

Two things that set Fire TV apart from Boxee, Roku and other streaming media units is its ability to actually predict what movies and TV episodes you will want to watch and then, gets them ready to stream instantly. So, no more anxious waiting for videos to buffer, and, it has a voice search that actually works! You can forget about those horrible little remotes that make you painfully enter titles one letter at a time off an on-screen alphabet grid. With your new Fire TV, just just say the name of what you want into your remote, and get your popcorn.

Fire TV is great for gaming, photos, videos, and music, helps parents limit screen time for their kids, mirrors your tablet on TV, and comes in a tiny, 99 dollar package. If you would like to enter home entertainment’s new age, go check out Fire TV, available starting today, at