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The Fire UP Charcoal Starter Wand makes grilling easier

Charcoal STarter Wand

Today is the day of celebration and a massive amount of meat grilling in the United States. The Fourth of July is nothing to take for granted, so the only logical response is to blow things up, drink heavily, and eat until you get meat sweats. Surely there’s a vegetarian version of that, but it probably sounds far more healthy and gross…soy sweats? Yeah, definitely gross.

If you are a fan of grilling food and partake in such an event on more than one day of the year, then you probably fiddle around with charcoal. It’s a tricky business working with those little devils, as getting them to the perfect temperature is annoying, and dangerous if you started the libations early. This Fire Up Charcoal Starter Wand is sure to help you set those coals ablaze and begin roasting cow, pig, or tofu in no time at all.

This plugs into a grounded 120V outlet, and through the use of very hot air through its plastic and stainless steel body, it will get your coals going in seemingly no time at all. The best part is that you’re not relying on matches and fuel to get it going, but the sad part is that this removes your ability to play with matches and fuel to get it going. This is a costly addition to your grillout gear at $49.99, making it feel less costly to take chances with using the old-fashioned method.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek