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This FIR Amethyst Belt will help with your circulation

FIR Amethyst Belt

When you deal with aches and pains, it’s hard to live out your days as a normal person. Not moving seems just as painful as moving, and it’s hard to enjoy anything that’s happening around you when you’re constantly hurting. Seeing people walking around with a smile on their face is almost jarring, because you can’t imagine what it’s like to not suffer all the time. If this scenario applies to you, then it’s about time to start taking matters into your own hands about improving the quality of your life.

 While changing up your diet, starting to stretch and work out more will do wonders for your body and mind alike, sometimes a little heat therapy can go a long way too. This FIR Amethyst Belt emits Negative ions and Far-infrared waves to provide a penetrating heat, making it great for strains or muscle pain. It has settings for 1-9 hours, though you can preheat the belt to the max, unplug and use it for as long as the stones hold heat.

This does have untreated amethyst stones in it, which might mean something to those of you who study gemstones. The heating area is 18 x 8”, though the strap itself measure 55″ or 63” depending on how long you need it to be. Regardless of which option you choose, this will cost you $225, and at that price point it had better provide you with some form of relief.

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