Fingerprint Recognizing Espresso Machine

Are you a coffee lover? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, then here is something which you might just want to check out, especially if you happen to share the same house with others who have an equal (or more) love of caffeine as with you. After all, those living under the same roof as you might want to use your expensive Italian coffee machine, so it makes perfect sense for you to enhance your passion with the $3,200 Fingerprint Recognizing Espresso Machine, as you will learn in the paragraph below.
This is one unique espresso machine which is capable of scanning your fingertip so that it will know just how to churn out the kind of drink that you like. Made in Italy as well, it will make the correct kind of drink associated with the fingerprint scanned. This is a fully automatic machine that is capable of generating 15 bar of pressure and pre-infuses the coffee grinds with water so that it can extract rich, complex coffee with a thick crema. There is also an integrated ceramic burr grinder which sports eight coarseness settings, where it grinds coffee only for the drink being made so that freshness remains at an optimal level. It can stash up to half a dozen fingerprints and drink profiles in its database.