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Fingerprint Encrypted Mouse

Now here’s a mouse that will help you keep your precious data safe and sound – the Biometric Fingerprint Encrypted Mouse. This $116 peripheral comes with the following specifications and features :-

Windows login and Screen Saver prevent the unauthorized user access the computer (only the registered fingerprint is accessible after successful verification!)

Web bank
The Web Bank can ‚Äúremember” personal data (i.e. user names and passwords), once it’s been typed into a webpage form. It can also automatically access and enter this data for you in the future, with just a simply swipe of a registered finger. No worries about the hacker taking the password.

Virtual Disk
Virtual Disk can hide the confidential data partition (i.e.: you can install the important application programs onto virtual drive, so that nobody can use the programs, only the authorized user can see partition label and manipulate after virtual disk is activated and fingerprint verification is passed).

File encryption/decryption
File encryption/decryption by fingerprint for particularly important or confidential files (encrypted File/folder cannot be copied).

You can store up to 10 fingerprint templates in this mouse, so choose carefully. Oh yeah, I’d look out for my hands even more vigilantly from now on lest somebody walks by and hacks it off to gain access to all my passwords stored in the PC.