Finger Conditioning With Xtensor Improves Reaction Time


Every diehard gamer knows that reaction time is just about everything when it comes to fight-based computer games. As long as you a have sharp mind and fast moving digits, you’d figure everything would be working at top notch.

But sometimes, even the fastest thinking people have a problem coordinating their hands to move as fast as their mind, not to mention that over time, especially on all-night gaming sessions, your fingers and wrist are bound to get weak throughout the night, totally causing hell to your gaming skills.

If your fingers have a tough time keeping up with your mind, there’s only one way to solve this problem, and no, it is not to think slower. The Xtensor Geek Hand Exerciser is the only contraption on the market which is geared towards hand strength for gaming specifically in mind.


The Xtensor uses a repetitive flexing to stimulate muscles and tendons in the hands, wrists and elbows that have been virtually off limits while using other device. Xtensor is guaranteed to improve your reaction time vastly, while also building muscle strength to avoid those disastrous mid-game cramps.

If you’re tired of wasting time with sore fingers and aching wrists you can grab your own Xtensor from Think Geek for $39.99. The rest of your body might be in horrible shape, but at least your hands will be top-notch.

Product Page via Random Good Stuff

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