The Fineck is a necklace activity tracker this is all fun and games


We always talk about how we want to go get a massage, but it takes a year or two and measurable pain to make us go through with it. Our posture from using our phones, sitting at desks for hours on end, and sitting in a car to commute is not doing us any favors. It’s not something we think about, but the effects are pretty obvious as we’re in serious amounts of pain just about every day .

If you’re thinking about hopping on the activity tracker bandwagon, but mainly need to improve your posture habits, then the Fineck might be just what you need. This is a necklace activity tracker that looks surprisingly stylish, as it is made from titanium and black medical-grade silicone. It will track the movement of your neck, analyze habitual movements, and has games to help you stretch out your muscles. The games make you look a bit silly, but they’re not movements we would generally do on our own time.

It is rated IP6, but should not be used underwater for long periods of time. This is currently only compatible with iOS devices, but they’re working on Android as well. This will cost you $89, which isn’t too far off from how much you’d pay for a one-hour massage to work on what your poor posture has caused. Make sure you get the right size, or this will be more annoying than helpful.

Available for drowdfunding on Kickstarter