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Find’em Tracking introduces thinnest Bluetooth tracking device in the world

find-em-trackingWe live in an extremely fast paced world these days, and hence, there are a whole lot more things to keep track of than we would need to if one were to turn the clock back by a few centuries. Of course, having said that, the relative standard of living these days are a whole lot better compared to the days of yesteryear. Not only do we own a whole lot more devices than before, it can become quite a challenge when it comes to making sure that none of them get lost or misplaced because of our forgetfulness. Find’em Tracking intends to come up with a solution to this particular predicament with the introduction of the thinnest Bluetooth tracking device in the world.

Isn’t it nice to know that you no longer need to leave your valuables behind ever again with such loss prevention technology? Find’em Tracking’s solution has been specially designed to see action in wallets, bags, purses and luggage, where it measures a mere 2.4 mm thin. If you were to take that into consideration, it would equal to the thickness of just a couple of credit cards, now how about that?

Using it in tandem with the free Find’em Tracking mobile app, this is one piece of innovative tracking device which relies on Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity so that the user would be alerted whenever they are about to intentionally leave their valuables behind. In fact, this app has also been integrated with Google Maps for a greater degree of sensitivity whenever you misplace your handset or wallet, since it provides the exact last location where they were detected.

The Instant Loss-Prevention Alert comes in extremely handy, since you are able to set the distance anywhere from 10 to 150 feet, and will be able to enjoy an instant alert the moment once out of range. Right now, the software arrives in four different languages, and they are English, Spanish, Russian and French.

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