Find your lost balls with RadarGolf

RadarGolfPersonally, I hate golf. It’s slow, and takes forever. But this gadget actually makes me want to play a bit, or at least play with a golf ball. I can leave out the clubs and score keeping part.

It’s called RadarGolf. It solves a common problem, people lose their ball and have absolutely no idea where it is. Rather than just getting a new ball and forgetting about the old one, something I’d do, you could use your RadarGolf to find that lost ball.

There are two pieces to the puzzle, the ball and the RadarGolf handheld (powered by 6 AAA batteries). Don’t be fooled, the ball isn’t some ordinary run of the mill thing; it’s got a chip inside it. That chip will transmit back to the handled, which you can use to locate the lost ball. A meter on the handheld’s screen will display how close you are to the ball.

You also get two shielding pouches, one large, one small. All RadarGolf balls not in use must be placed in one of the pouches; otherwise you’ll end up finding the balls you already know the location of. The pouches are made of a special metallic fiber that blocks radio frequency signals.

The starter RadarGolf kit includes a handheld receiver and a dozen balls. That’s available for $250, and you can purchase another dozen RadarGolf balls for $40. Purchase it from the RadarGolf site.

In case you’re wondering, these balls cannot be used in any type of professional tournament, you’re just going to have to have your caddy find your lost ball if you’re in a professional tournament.

[via Gizwizbiz]