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This Filtered Shower Head cleans your water before it cleans you

Filtered Shower Head

There comes a time where you go from worrying about how many pennies you’ll need to be able to buy necessities, to thinking about how you’d like your furniture to match. Not everyone has such a luxury, but that doesn’t mean that investing in some home improvement is out of the question. Big jobs like putting on a new roof or taking down a wall takes a lot of capital, but there are smaller matters to buy improvements for that will directly affect you on a regular basis.

One place we will often find ourselves is the bathroom, and if you have water with a lot of chlorine and other impurities that give it an odor, you’ll want to take on this task. The notion of installing a filtered shower head seems a bit over-the-top, but it’s not like it exists without reason. This installs easily on a standard size shower arm, and you’ll need to run water through the filter for 10 minutes so you’re not speckled with bits from the cartridge.

You will need to replace the WHR-140 filter about every six months, which will set you back around $18 for three backups. The shower head itself will cost you around $43, which isn’t terrible if you’re frustrated with smelly water, or are tired of the mineral content ruining your hair. It’s certainly not something to buy unless you really dislike your showers, or just want to be pretentious.

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