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The Fidget Cube gives nervous hands busywork


It’s really hard to stay focused when the world is so full of distractions. Even when we are honed in on tasks, there’s still a part of us that has to be moving, or doing anything. We tap our feet, click pens, bite our nails, and more, sometimes loud enough that it starts to get to our coworkers, family, and friends. While fidgeting carries a negative connotation, it’s actually a power that’s used for good. Well, so say-eth science.

No one wants to sit still during a meeting, especially one that goes on for 3 hours and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. That being said, the Fidget Cube would be helpful in the office, during class, on the bus, or even while you’re doing a┬áNetflix binge. This little desk toy can help you keep your hands busy so your mind isn’t as apt to wander off when it shouldn’t be. You’ll have a myriad of options due to the fact that each side of this die gives you a new way to play.

You’ll have a side with 3 loud-clicking and 2 silent buttons, a smooth-gliding joystick side, a switch to flip, an indentation side which acts as a worry stone, a dial you can spin, and a side with three spinning gears and a ball you can roll or click. There will be a variety of color options, but seeing that this is a Kickstarter, those colors won’t be finalized until after the crowdfunding ends. If you fidget endlessly and want to curb your nervousness, it’ll cost you around $19 to get your hands on one.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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