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Fibonacci Clock offers an interesting way to tell the time

fibonacci-clockWhen it comes to telling the time, there are many different ways of doing so, although the sundial has been more or less out of fashion for quite a while already ever since the clock and watch have made their presence known. Of course, you might want to wear a watch in addition to the digital clock on your smartphone, but this does not mean that you should ditch the clock altogether in your home. With the Fibonacci Clock that costs anywhere from $84.99 to $134.99 depending on the model, it is a truly unique — and of course, geeky method of telling the time.

This can be considered to be the ultimate clock for tinkerers and math geeks, where it boasts of 10 color palettes and a couple of lamp modes which will be able to show off the beauty of math. You can pick your DIY level, which is selected from a kit of parts to fully assembled. At the end of it all, three colors on the clock will matter: red and blue for the hours, and blue and green for the minutes. The minutes will be rounded to five minute increments, so a wee bit of brain power is required in order to perform some basic multiplication in order to obtain the precise timing.