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The Fiber Optic Tank Top will help you stand out from the crowd

Fiber Optic Tank Top

When you like going out at night for music, drinking, and dancing, you’ll notice that some people like to be wall flowers, blending into the background without being seen, but getting to watch. Others want to stand out from the crowd, blazing their individuality as bright as the sun. Since there are several of the latter in the world, it makes it hard to shine more than the others around you. If you like being a light in dark places, then you know that wacky clothing and glow sticks aren’t going to cut it.

For those that like to go to nighttime concerts, parties, and more, this Fiber Optic Tank Top is surely going to help you stick out more than most. It uses a high quality fiber optic fabric that will likely be quite stiff, but will look super awesome. It uses a wireless remote to be turned on and off, and gives you 4 color options of red, green, blue, and white. There are also four settings, which are flash, strobe, fade, and smooth to give the eyes a bit of visual candy.

The rechargeable battery pack goes into a pocket in the shirt, but is not secured exceedingly well, so any ravers wanting to wear this will want to get some velcro to keep the pocket shut. You will need to charge the shirt before usage, and it is said to go for 9 hours off of one charge. This isn’t supposed to get wet, be in a dusty area, or high humidity, and you’re not supposed to wash it in water as you can only wipe them off with a damp towel. This shirt will be a pricey $130 purchase that likely won’t see a long life depending on what you’re getting it for, but you will certainly look good in it.

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