The Festival Couch – with Motors and Speakers, Oh My!

Ah the music festival… a rite of passage for every teenager, beer and bands, crazy dancing, tasteful (and maybe not so tasteful) full frontal nudity… fields littered with the young, and the young at heart, on lawn chairs, on blankets and towels, in varying states of consciousness. The music festival has been the same for decades.
Until now, what is that rolling down the field? Behold the Festival Couch, a solar charged, motorized, music infused sofa on wheels that can bring your personal “festival attendee” cool factor to the next level. Now you can enjoy the show in movable comfort and style, not to mention a mobile mini-bar.
Mardy Daniel, a 21 year old part time disc jockey came up with the idea for this living room on wheels while having a few cocktails with his friends (shocker) and has since launched the Festival Couch Company churning out mobile furniture, like couches and lounge chairs with motors, solar charged batteries and wheels.
The 1 to 3 seat couches are available for private functions, nightclub openings, charity events and festivals and they come in 5 different models, some with electric drives and fitted with DJ decks, Orion speakers or even a mini bar complete with 4 ice cold beers on tap. The Festival Couch Company will also entertain custom requests entailing special LED lighting features, massage cushions or a horn. I understand pricing to be the cost of the couch, plus around 2500 bucks to get her moving. yee-haw! Check them out at festival