Ferrari Racepresso Machine

If you’re a big time race fan or just drool in envy over every Ferrari ever made, then you might want to check out this espresso machine.  It’ll make sure that you get juiced up with plenty of caffeine, so that you can tackle the day without getting all that drowsy.  Of course you just can’t call a Ferrari themed espresso machine an espresso machine, no, you must call it the Racepresso.

The machine was actually made to resemble the Formula 1 racer, Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari helmet.  When the front is closed it does just look like a racing helmet, but as soon as you pop open that front it starts looking a whole lot more like an espresso machine.  This was a design made by Ilgar Rustamov.  As of right now it is just a concept design and there’s no word if it’ll be making its way to retailers anytime soon.

Source: TechChee