Ferrari audio system

ferrarispeaker.jpgIf you are buying a very exclusive car like a Ferrari, why not complete the purchase with a high-end audio system to stay right aside the car on your garage? The product is called ART .ENGINE and was created by David Weiner. Notice that it is not being produced directly by Ferrari, but it was approved and licensed in partnership with the Italian company.

We are talking about a stand-alone audio system that features 16 high-potency speakers. The design was obviously inspired on the famous sports car, and both the red and the gray versions feature the Ferrari logo on the bottom.

The system is capable of establishing a wireless connection with personal computers and other devices. Alternatively it also accepts RCA inputs to play directly from a CD or an iPod.

The company that is producing the audio system claims that it is a “lifestyle product” and the production will be limited to 1000 units initially. They are not wrong to a certain extent, after all someone who can spend $20,000 for an audio system certainly has a different lifestyle…

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Source: Cepro

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