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This Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit will let you pickle everything under the sun


There’s not a lot of emphasis on homemaking anymore. Our priorities lie with making money at a place that isn’t where you live, and trying your best to pretend like things are going fine at home even though you’ve been eating fast food for the last month. If you want to start making more things at home and saving yourself the money on eating out, then you have to learn how to make things yourself.

Some will take that as a challenge to learn how to make something other than cereal and pasta, but others will go above and beyond. Take for example this Fermenter Lid Kit which will let you make your own pickles, kimchi, kombucha, and more! There are obviously quite a few finer points to learn about with this process, but this kit will let you use any wide mouth mason jar you might already have at home, and will do the sealing for you, making sure no oxygen can enter and no mold will form.

Not only will it keep everything contained, but it also has an airlock valve so that the jar can “burp” when it needs to. There’s even an oxygen pump to suck out any leftover air during the later stages of the fermentation process. You’ll also be able to track the date of when you need to bother anything on the top of the lid so you don’t jump the gun or wait too late. This is a $30 purchase that will make the fermenting process something that’s easy, far more discreet with a low profile, and provides you with tasty treats at the end of it.

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