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Fender Defender saves you some heartache from accidental knocks

fender-defenderFor some of us, our pride and joy can be our families, and then followed by the kind of car which we drive. Some of us actually take plenty of trouble polishing our rides, and waxing them once in a while to maintain a certain shine and sheen to it. This means any kind of scrape or knock becomes extra sensitive, and you can tell even if the tires are slightly scratched from the gravel. Perhaps this would mean the $24.95 Fender Defender is the perfect accessory for your ride, not to mention being highly affordable to boot.

The Fender Defender is actually a license plate frame that protects a front bumper from incidental contact. It does not matter if you pull in too far into a space or are habitually unlucky due to other parkers’ inability to judge distance, the Fender Defender would add an extra 0.75″ of padding with soft rubberized material that s backed by durable polycarbonate. The impact-resistant material delivers a tactile warning system that protects vehicles from damage, and can be easily mounted over existing (unframed) license plate using a Phillips screwdriver.