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Feiyu G6 action stabilizer helps create professional looking videos

feiyu-g6Do you enjoy experiencing adrenaline rushes from time to time, causing you to leave your boring office and head off elsewhere that is far flung from a regular map in order to enjoy a challenging downhill mountain bike trail, or perhaps jet set to Turkey and experience a hot air balloon ride? Well, describing all of those details to family and friends using words alone are sometimes not enough, and a video would be able to do a far better job. Which is why it is necessary for those who have action cameras pick up an action stabilizer that simply works, and the Feiyu G6 is one such accessory.

 It does not matter whether you are an extreme sport enthusiast or simply someone else who would like to enjoy excellent performance and stability while capturing all of your adventures using an action camera, the Feiyu G6 is more than ready to meet the challenge. For starters, it now comes with updated hardware and software, in addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for ease of use. When connected to GoPro action cameras, the Feiyu G6 will enable users to switch modes while making adjustments to the parameters of the camera with but a single click of the side screen key.

In addition, there is something else that is not found in most of the other action stabilizers on the market: the OLED screen on the new Feiyu G6 stabilizer. This mind-blowing display will enable users to read the camera parameters, check out the mode of the stabilizer, as well as the stability of the Bluetooth connection with a single glance without having to fiddle with the action camera itself.

Feiyu has ensured that the G6’s re-programmed systematic algorithm works better than ever before, enabling it to perform more efficiently while taking up less juice. An enhanced motor torque also makes sure that users will be able to record cinematic quality footage with better stability and efficiency. Expect the Feiyu G6 to play nice with most action cameras, including the GoPro HERO6, HERO5, HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3, RX0 and YI 4K+, AEE and other action cameras of similar shape and dimension.

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